RWCmoves Draft Plan

(Full Report – Chapters 1 to 5)

Chapter 1:

The City’s Envisioned Future

Chapter 2:

Where Are We Starting From – Existing Conditions

Chapter 3:

Moving Ahead – Community Engagement

Chapter 4:

Reaching Our Destination – Proposed Transportation Program

Chapter 5:

Where Do We Go From here? – Action Plan/Implementation

Appendix A:

Existing Conditions Report

Appendix B:

Project Performance Measures, Prioritization Process and Results

Appendix C:

Outreach/Survey Details

Appendix D:

Mapping Results

RWCmoves Proposed Projects and Programs by Neighborhood

(see Appendix B above for detailed project descriptions)

City Council Meeting on 2/12/18

Click here to view the Agenda and Minutes regarding the update and feedback on the Draft Citywide Transportation Plan.

Survey Now Closed

Thank you for your participation and providing your feedback on the Signature & Tier 1 Projects. We will provide the survey findings soon. Stay tuned!

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